Saturday, 27 October 2012

How To Add Feed Burner To Blogger Blog

  Feed burner enables your blog viewers to subscribe to your blog which enables them read your blog updates in their inbox. Feed burner was founded by Dick Costolo, Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, Matt Shobe on june 3rd 2007 which was later acquired by google.

  If you're on Google Adsense, you could earn money on Adsense for feeds. anytime you update your blog your Subcribers receive your update in their Indox and when they click on the ads you earn. They dont even need to visit your blog before you earn with Adsense for feeds.

feed burner is unique widget that every blogger should  have, all feed burner features are easy to manage right from the feed burner dash board.
   let get down to the steps i made this real quick and quite easy
step 1

step 2

                                     Step 3

                                    Step 4

                               Step 5

                     Step 6

                    Step 7
                         Step 8

                            Step 9
   Go to layout

                            Step 10

      Scroll down and click add html/java script

                                  Step 11

                       Step 12
 you could position your feed burner any you want it to be then save arrangement

                         Step 13
 wow our feed burner is live, you could this steps to add feed burner to all your blogs


 More To Come! To The Future!!

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