Monday, 15 October 2012

How To Buy Stuffs from Amazon with your ATM Card


  A lot of  people have been wondering if it is possible to buy stuffs from amazon in Nigeria with a Nigerian issue credit card and my answer is YES!.
   The reason there is a little problem in buying from amazon is that amazon is selective when it comes to items been shipped to Nigeria. In the post i will be telling you how i use my Gtbank usd denomination visa card to purchase products from amazon and how i get it shipped to Nigeria.
   Firstly i obtained my Gtbank visa card which i was able to get because i have a domiciliary account with Gtbank. if you don't have one you could visit any Gtbank branch close to you and open your domiciliary account with $100(approximately 16k). All you need is an id card which could be a driving license,an International passport or national Id card. For me i used an International passport. also you need two referees that operate a Gtbank account.

The next thing i did which you should do is obtain a U.S Virtual address. i will list two options here.
 1) Graphcard ; Graphcard offers numerous services which include a dedicated Us address and phone number and ability to procure a virtual visa credit card tied to you U.S address(you could use this in case your Nigerian card is not accepted). they can help you ship your goods to Nigeria at affordable rates.
 2) honts global service. Unlike graph card, hont global service is a modern freight shopping and logistic company providing domestic and international cargo solutions to global destinations at a subsidized rate. for me i use hont global service. your shippment is charged  mainly per pound weight or kilogram per weight.

     You could also purchase an amazon gift card from amazon using your visa card for people who may not able to make payment without a credit card.

     At this point head on to

click on payment option

click on add credit card

insert your visa card number(number at the front of  your card were your name is)
type in your full name on your visa card
select the expiry date on the the card e.g 02,2015
scroll down to the billing address

-Fill in your full name
-Fill in the location of your bank address
-Nigerian zip code is 234
-Include your correct phone number
-Click on use this address
The next thing to do is to set your address were you will be receiving your shipment from amazon
   How do i do it?
 Scroll down to settings

   - Click on add new address

    After filling the info above
    Click Save & Continue

NOTE; Make sure you fill in your correct house or office address to avoid unnecessary delays.
Add your Nigeria address and your U.S address, so you could purchase products that are not             shipped directly to Nigeria.

 You can now go back to your home page and select any item you wish to buy.
  Delivery dates; Once you have placed an an estimated delivery date or date range as well as the cost would be automatically calculated based on the destination the product will be shipped to.

 They include, Books, Magazines, VHS, Videotapes,CDs,DVRs

Includes, Automotive products, Baby Clothing, Consumer electronics, Phones, Health and Personal care, Industrial and scientific, Jewelries, Pet supplies, Shoes, Video games and Laptops. This is were hont global service and graph card come in.

 More to come! to the future!!

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