Thursday, 18 October 2012

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

Creating a Facebook fan page is a very easy task much easier than i thought. Well i received a message from my cousin sister on facebook asking me to teach her how to create fan page on facebook well today that what am going to do. Its a pictorial guide just follow my steps and you're good to go!

 Step 1. Log into your facebook account Step 2. Scroll down to foot of your Facebook page

Step 3. Select one of the following that your fan page will be about

Step 4

Step 5
Select any one of the below page types based on what your page is about.


Step 6

Step 7
 Step 8
Step 9

  You've just created a new facebook fan page. You could create as many fan pages as you like for business or Just a personal fan page.

More to come! to the future!!

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  2. you're welcome bro glad it was helpful

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