Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Make Money Online Tweeting

 Celebrities get paid to tweet about variety of products all the time, So getting paid to tweet is nothing new to the internet money making industry, but thanks to the some tweet websites today anyone could get paid to tweet.

    How It Works
Since its quite hard and time consuming for advertiser to go look for individuals who want to tweet and get paid. It came about the creation of get paid to tweet website.
   Get paid to tweet website act as the middle man between you and the tweet sponsors. you sign up with them for free and they link you with their advertisers paid tweets. You could also register as an advertiser include the link of the site you want to promote and get people to tweet for you.

   Before you jump over to sign up you have to open a Paypal account and have at lest 10,000 Active followers but here's a way out there are two options which am going to outline for you.
If you already have a Paypal account you could get as much as 1000 twitter followers for $5 just visit fiverr sign up, you will see people who are willing to do almost anything for $5. Dont get scared you cant be scammed, they will be paid only when you confirm the jobs is completed although you could get fake followers.

                                             Option 2
      Head on to 1kjobsonline its a Nigerian site like fiverr, sign up look for gigs related to getting you twitter followers. you can get as much as 500-1000 twitter followers for just N1000 yes N1000.
If you dont have a paypal account send a request email to  online360biz@gmail.com to receive a detailed guide on how to set up and verify a paypal account in Nigeria.

       List Of Legit Paid To Tweet Website
 Its is a twitter advertising platform that pays you every time you tweet one of their sponsored tweets. A unique feature of this site is that  you could set the price for the tweets. Advertisers view your profile on offers if they find value in  your tweets. its available to all countries.
note your twitter account should be at least 200 days old. Their Requirement have at least 50 followers and about 100 status updates.
 Minimum payout $50 fees $2
 payment via paypal

Available in all countries
minimum payout $30 payment are made within 7-10 business days
via paypal

Availavble to all countries
minimum payout $20 via paypal 1 business day

Get paid to tweet endorsement of products you like
available to all countries
minimum payout $50 earn $2 per refferal

Get paid up to $5 per tweet about website, services, products etc
vailable to all countries
payment is via paypal

N: B ==> Getting paid to tweet won’t make you a lot of money, unless you are a big time celebrity. But it is an easy way to earn some extra cash online. Since tweeting is not hard and most of us do it every day, I will implore you to adopt this system.
 more to come! to the future!!


  1. This is awesome, i really need to get making money on twitter.

  2. yh sure as long as you have enough twitter followers your good to to.thanks 4 commenting

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  4. hi, but u can't withdraw from paypal to a nigerian account right? so i guess maybe is not recommended for nigerians...


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