Thursday, 11 October 2012

Opening Funding & Operating A Liberty reserve account

Liberty Reserve is one of the best payment processors in the internet banking industry that has been operating since 2002. It offers its users wide range of services which include
- buying stuffs online
-payment for services
 Liberty reserve is a unique payment processor that is available to users around the world. compared with
paypal and some others that don't accept Nigerians. You could open and operate liberty reserve in Nigeria without ever having to worry about hiding  your i.p address or anything like that.

 Question is Liberty reserve a scam?
 Answer; NO liberty reserve is not a scam, i know some Nigerians who operate their liberty reserve with over $20,000.

  Question; Is liberty reserve free to open?
  Answer; Yes absolutely except 0.05% charge on payment you receive in your Liberty Reserve account. E.g If you receive payment of $20, LR charge will be $0.02 that means you will have $19.98 in your LR


  click create account
  fill in your details
  click the agree button
   you will receive your login details instantly
   your password
   login pin
   master key

 -Check your inbox your account number will be  sent to your inbox, open it and copy it out.
Note; your password,login pin, master key will only be shown once make sure you copy the correct details
-Click the login button to complete the registration process
-insert your liberty reserve account number that looks like this U1234567 
-type in your password
- enter the turning code in the  shown in the box
- click Next
A verification pin will be sent to your inbox copy and paste it and click continue.
 insert your login pin
 -complete the sign up form and click submit

Congratulations you have just successfully created your liberty reserve account.

 You could fund your e-currency account using any nigerian exchanger or any other in your country if your not in Nigeria.
 for me i use
 you could use any from the list or any other ex-changer you wish to use.

-Get their bank details and pay in Naira equivalent on the amount your willing to fund your liberty reserve account with based on the exchange rate which varies from time to time.
-Make sure you give them your correct liberty reserve account details
  your account name and number
-After payment call them to notify them of your payment withing 12hrs your account should funded.
Note; always call them them before funding your account.
 Withdrawing your funds is quiet easy. visit any of the ex changers you used or any other you wish to use.
Let me give a small tip i use;
  if your withdrawing your money use the the exchanger that the has the highest exchange rate
 e.g if dollar4naira rate of selling is N170-$1 and swiftecurrency is N165-$1, i will use dollar4naira.

 After you've placed the order notifying them of your exchange you will be given their 
Liberty reserve account number.
NOTE; make sure you provide them with your correct local bank account details.
- Next thing to do log into your LR
-Click on transfer at the top of your screen
-Insert the exchanger LR account number
- Insert the amount you want to exchange
 -Insert your mastery key code (given to yo when you signed up)
 -Click preview
 -The next page will show payment purpose
 -Just click on other or payment for service
      Your payment invoice will be shown then you click confirm and you're done
   Your fund will be sent within 1-12hrs
 Ps. You could make transfer even on Saturdays and get your money that very day if your using Gtbank.
Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
1. Always address you by your first name.
2. Never send you any links or attached files.
3. Never ask you to send us your password and/or login PIN
4. ignore any message telling you to update your account or anything like that.
   if liberty reserve is having any issues they will only post on their official blog 

  Follow the details above instruction if you dont want your liberty reserve to be hacked.
 soon i will posting on how to make money daily into your liberty reserve account

more to come! To the future

     please leave a comment below if  have any questions


  1. 9ice write up bro, bt why is it dat i find it difficult to login somtimes even after putting in my correct name and password

    1. you can disable your I.P pin verification by logging into your liberty reserve account, click on change security settings after then click the disable check box. you wont be asked for verification pin when logging in. let me know if it was helpful.

  2. great post man all your stuffs serves as a massive eye opener to me thank for this much love; "soon i will posting on how to make money daily into your liberty reserve account" haven't found that yet and hope to see it soonest thank you :)


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