Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tips On Choosing Your Future Career path

Choosing a career can be a daunting task, there's a lot fuss about choosing a career path. We Tend to choose Our career because Our parents gets to choose for us, because our friends intend to read the same course or because you feel you will get rich if you get to study a certain course. If any of the following is your reason  for reading a certain course then you got it all wrong. Choosing a future career path is much more than most of us think, we need to take into consideration some key factors which i will be highlighting today.

                    Points To Consider When Choosing A Career
 1). Look at your academic and Vocational strength from your school work. For instance if  you're really good with your hands then you may enjoying being a technician, if you excel in mathematics and sciences then you may consider engineering and technology based careers that will build on your strength. its not all about the money.

2). Find out your own strength and weakness take into account things you enjoy doing and look for careers to build on your strength

3). Do you have any skill that you can build on for a career?. Think hard about your skills such as creating things, vivid imagination, playing an instruments, photography etc. We all have untapped skills that we use everyday. Even cleaning dishes is a skill, although i wont advise anyone to do that for a living.

4). Research, Research, Research about your choice, you may never stop researching. find out all you need to know about your choice. Today the internet is a gold mine of information its not all about facebooking, tweeting, Snapchatting etc. Everything you need to know has already been uploaded, so its all to your benefit.

5) Talk to your family and friends about their career choices and what they do on a typical day. learn from their experience and those of others.

6) Seek for mentors who have been successful in your chosen career. ask them questions on how they got to were they are. Most of the time they are always willing to help but no one is asking take a bold step today.

7)Set goals for yourself, be inspired, get excited of on what you want to do.

8)Seek parents and teachers guidance after all they know you better than anyone else and will always have your interest at heart.

   In addition to the above there is one more thing that you must do, that is to identify your 'personality' knowing your personality attributes will help in guiding you to the type of work you will be successful and and hopefully enjoy been used to asses a persons personality and the banner of psychology and psychometric and aptitude testing. they are using a well proven test to asses an individuals personality and attributes. For career choices purposes knowing what type of person you will greatly assist in guiding you.

  Try out some it fun doing it

 So get excited about your career choice, work hard , Never let go your dreams, think about helping others along the way, your chosen career is the best choice for you.

 Strive To Be The Very Best

more to come! to the future!!
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