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Grant Writing Jobs

In 2005 , Global funders bill and Melinder gates foundation gave away $1.4 billion for charitable work in the united states and all over the world including Nigeria.
   Yearly millions of dollars are being given away for various causes through grants to NGO'S and some Governmental agencies.

 NGO's and some governmental agencies depend on these donations to undertake some projects. to be qualified for funding by funders., Fund seekers must submit well written proposals to funders. The probability of them getting these funds depend on the persuasiveness  of the proposal put together by skilled grant writers.

the grant writer is the vital connecting link between the funder and the grant seeker. Money equipment for various causes, NGO's , Charities, Educational Institution  and other agencies seeking sponsorship. The grant writers are also smiling to the bank with pay checks because they are the major backbone of successful funding.

    The demand for skilled writers is on the increase. It could either be full time or part time. there are thousands of NGO's in Nigeria and Africa seeking for grants to function effectively. there are still few skilled grant writers which opens up opportunities to those willing and capable of making money with grant writing.

   Income Potential For Grant Writers 
The income potentials are dependent on varieties of  factors like
1) Level of competence
2) Amount of Funds seeking after
3)Area of operating
4) Clients mode of Payment
5) Type of funders sought
6) The time the grant writer is willing to put in.

     Majority of NGO's and governmental agencies pay per project and this also depends on the length and complexity of the grant. It is up to grant writers to decide the amount that is comfortable with him/ her. some pay by commission, so that means their pay is tied to their ability to secure successful grants.

  Starting Up A Grant Writing Job
To become a professional and highly sought after grant writer, you need to develop your writing skills, consulting, research, public relations and budgeting well you might think its huge but if you dedicate time to study, learning and researching you will develop this skills even if you don't have any because this are some of the major areas prospective grant writer must focus on.
   Good writing and communication skills are also needed to write a good grant proposal. As a grant writer internet research skills are a must for grant writers. you need to surf the web frequently looking for special opportunities from funders to NGO's, You could also get this info on newspapers. part of the work of a grant writer to identify and select appropriate potential donors online. A formal training is also recommended to acquire the needed skill that will command your relevance.

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