Saturday, 17 November 2012

Getting referrals can be a daunting task. If you know a little about online marketing it will do you a great deal. As i said earlier getting referrals is not an easy task as a newbie but if you could just follow steps am sure you should be getting at least 20-50 referrals monthly to any site you promote GPT,PTC,HYIP, Auto-surf sites etc.

1) Most widely used and proven steps that will get you as much referrals as possible is joining forum websites that pull lots of traffic daily. Don't be Spammy in your approach. Post on the site about your new money making site and include your referral link at the middle and end of your post there are
thousands of forums  that have over 10,000 members just sign up with about 20 of them. post your site and your referral link and let cosmic energy pull massive referrals for you.sites like

2) Download Classified ad software that submits your referral link for you,automatically to thousands of classified ads sites. you could either get a paid classified ad software or get a free one to use get a free classified ad software (subscribe to xinisblogs and like our fan page then message me on facebook)

3) Manually submit articles on classified ads site. for a list of about 50 classified ads sites click the link to view a list of classified ads sites

4) Blog about your money making site everything is all about blogging. write detailed article on your blog. post your got paid report to prove they are not signing up for a scam site, and be ready to answer post from intending prospects and remember to post your referral link in the post and update frequently.

5) Buying traffic; you get referrals from buying traffic from Ptc sitse like Clixsense and Neo bux that have lots of users or any other traffic source with audience that your offer will appeal to.

6) Social Networks- There lots of social networking site like the giant facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc just sign up them get lots of friend and invite them to join your site. You could visit some fan pages with 100,000+ fan post on their comments(dont over spam).

       If you're able to go around this circle you're sure to pull lots of pull lots of referrals in few months. with many referrals your earning just keep increasing like damn!!

more to come! to the Future!!

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