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What You Need To Know About Making Money Online

 Due the economic situation around the world everyone is turning to the internet for financial solutions. The internet is truly a gold mine of opportunities because some people have actually made a killing on the internet. With the internet many have quit their jobs to focus on full time online business (well you dont need to do that). Mind you there are lot of scams, pie in the sky and make millions over night but by experience i will tell you there is no such thing, but with the right awareness and hardwork you could start living your dream life. The mistake we all made at the beginning is instead of learning how to make $1 daily before thinking of $1000 and when you cant even make $1 you give up and tag the internet money making industry a SCAM well that's not right.
    Here are some tips to help you succeed making money online
- Be motivated
- Be smart
- Dont procrastinate
- Be focused
- Research, Research, Research

    With this few tips above you will be able to succeed making money online.
the next are the basic requirement to make money online.

1) You need information on any internet business you want to succeed in. If you don't have the right information, i bet it wont take time before you give up because you will be frustrated when you don't see your earning increasing. You need to research and purchase as much information on any online business stream you want to pursue.

2) You need a personal laptop or even a desktop from experience i will say your Success is limited if you don't have one, Don't get me wrong i actually started out from a cafe it wasn't easy at all buying all those airtime,typing or downloading of software's. I had to have a flash drive which helped me a lot till i was able to purchase my laptop at a fair price. except if you have a smart phone or an android tab i advise you to try as much as possible to get one. we all have to start from somewhere.

3)Time; you need to create time especially at the beginning of your online earning career, take time to research and get the basic skills and knowledge to enable you succeed in making money online. i spend nothing less than 4-6 hours a DAY online well you can do more than that or less depending on you time constrain. you should spend nothing less than 6-12 hours a WEEK. i guarantee your success if you're willing to take action.

4) Be open to new ideas ; Change your believe about making money online if not when you come across opportunities you will only see obstacles don't be pessimistic not everybody is making money the same way.

5) Seek Mentors; learn from those who are actually making money online not those who claim to. it will help you grow and help you succeed. feel free to ask questions from my experience they are always willing to help but no one is asking take a bold step today.

6) You need various online payment account like paypal, liberty reserve, payza etc and also a local bank account like savings and a domiciliary account( to cash in foreign checks). you need to have I.D cards to be able to verify some of your account e.g Driving license , International passport National I.D Card well be me i use my international passport most of the time.

   I just shared with you whats more than any making money manual,your online success is dependent on you alone. congrats for going through my success tips.

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