Friday, 21 December 2012

Few Tips and Tools Needed for you To make Money Online

Earning money online is like a six months course, but with my tips you could start making money in next few minutes from now.

1)For you to sign up with any websites you need to have online payment accounts which your earnings will be paid to, don’t freak out if you don’t have one you could sign up in six minutes, like liberty reserve and payza etc
2) You need to have internet connection you could do this from a public café but with my experience it is more efficient and easier to earn money online if you had your personal laptop and internet connection. Don’t get discouraged you could get laptops for as low as $60 that’s approximately N9600. Or even a fairly used laptop for as low as N4000 UNBELIVABLE. But to be honest those laptops sucks!! , I advice you to get a laptop of about 35k or a new one. If you got the cash its worth it

3) some site don’t accept Nigerians hmm but there’s a way out you need an i.p changer .
Note don’t frequently open your email with an ip changer except when necessary to verify your sign up . from my experience Google could lock your account.
download a free I.p changer

You will instantly receive a pop up

Click save
Open the zip folder and run the application in 3mins
I know we all love free stuff , restart your system to use it to its full potentials. This is your key to making locked money online.

4) you need to be focused don’t  be distracted while browsing if possible leave your house, go to library or even a café. Don’t open social network site like facebook or twitter.

5) Have fun while making money online take, breaks shake your body a little, you could listen to music you enjoy While browsing.

6) make sure you have enough rest. 8-10 hours of sleep every day.

7) don’t isolate yourself from friends visit people, hang out and always pray and have a good relationship with God. (Most guaranteed for success)
get one of my secret online money making method currently I was banned but I earned some few hundreds of dollars, I forgot to change my i.p address , I haven't really had time to reopen another account but earning there rocks!!
more to come! to the future!!!


  1. nyc post thanks for the ip changer it works

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