Saturday, 1 December 2012

How To Auto Post Your Facebook Status On twitter

Not many of us have the time to log in to twitter to update and all that, More of the we spend it on facebook and we may want to tweet the same status that we updated on facebook here's an easy way out!. I am going to give you a simple method i use to auto=post  my facebook status on twitter without logging into my twitter account. But some people don't really know how this works just follow my easy steps and your good to go.

Step 1; Goto

Step 2;

Step 3

you're done

take a look on how it works. my facebook update re-posted to twitter automatically

on twitter

if for some reasons you want to disable auto tweeting your facebook status all you need to do is
go to

 More to come! To The Future!!
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  1. Correct steps of installation, it works great..good one

  2. it works fine thanks view my new blog

  3. bro thanks it works

  4. easy steps thanks, but how can i autopost from twitter to facebook?

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