Saturday, 15 December 2012

Making Your Dreams Come True!!

   Someone might say "wealth is a product of man's capacity to think" but i dare say that wealth is a product of man's capacity to act. taking steps, making moves. Getting the thought done is what commands respect. You might have good ideas and excellent plans but all that remains a dream until you have put down workable steps to achieve it you are probably just wishing a fantasy. You really need to star taking action, its on acting on those ideas it becomes a reality.

  In provbs 14:23 God says "In all labour(action) there is profit, But ideal Talk leads to Poverty"

Lets take a Clue from Archimedes's he said " Eureka! I've found it, i have moved myself and i will move the world" . Great idea will move the world but let him that will move the world move himself.

   Genesis 11:6 "now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do"
 Action guarantees that nothing will be withheld from you. The law is in motion. But what keeps people from acting ??. Its simply the want for boldness. The way to be nothing is to do nothing, so stop wondering what the future holds for you. Its you who holds something for the future, The future remains empty as long as we approach it with idle and empty hands. Hands that lack the boldness to Act!! so don't become a nuisance to the furniture around you get up and get out!.

  A chinese proverb says "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the second best time is Now " step out and bet on yourself. Write those songs, write that proposal take it to that company, take that loan to start up a business, start up that website that's going to metamorphise into a multi-million dollar asset. Facebook did it and Google did it also. There is always room at the top for one more. The bottom is were the crowd is don't hangout with them for too long .

  You can stay stalked as long as you want and make your dream come true when every you want it to. "just do it" that dream(idea) may be genuine but for it to become a reality, your pursuit must be hard.
            "The road to success has many parking spaces" (don't fall for it)

I cant stress the fact that it is expedient that everyone has a dream because if you don't have a dream and you're taking action you are getting no where.

 Some Months back i was chatting with a friend of mine and she was like what are you doing , whats happening, hmm that's one question  i am fueled up to answer except i don't feel like talking with the person. So i went on and on how i'd had a project running, on how i hosted seminars with some friends on making money online, about my blogging biz and all that. and she was like "wow" that she doesn't even have a plan ,no idea that she's just there and i was like " are you serious?".

A dreams is what gives your action direction . So if you don't have one create a new dream from here. ask yourself were do i envisage myself in the 10 years and what you need to accomplish in the next six months. First define your dreams then prove you're more committed to that dream by taking action. I'm not saying i have fulfilled all my dreams but every single day i work for the one's i haven't achieved and everyday i am creating  new dreams for myself. No doubt we all slack off at some point. Stretch yourself, Go where you've never been.
  "Life is a Magnificent Journey Only If We Make It That Way"
          Bob Procotor

 Don't sell your Dream out to someone else opinion. Thats the mistake people make, You'll have a lot of resistance just let it go.

  Often out there in the real world its not the smart that get ahead but the bold remember , God has not giving you the spirit of fear . You have no choice but to enter action with boldness. Successful people are not people who have eliminated all their fears rather they are people who have learned to act in spite of their fears.

Albert schweiter once said that " The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives"

   No matter where you start in life, you will  become a success the moment you realize that if its to be its up to you.
 My favorite quote ." Happy are those who dream and are Willing to pay the price to make their dream come true"
More to come! To the Future !!
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