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Definitive Guide: How To Make Money On fiverr

 Today We going to be talking about and how to make money on fiverr. Making money on fiverr can be easier than you think even if you have no experience using fiverr or fiverr like site.
                            What is fiverr All About

 Fiverr is an online market place were you can pay for services or get paid rendering a service.

        What Kind Of Servic Can I Get Paid For On Fiverr Or what Service Can i Get on Fiverr:
 Everything on fiverr cost 5 bucks yeah just five bucks the list is endless . Many people go to fiverr hoping to outsource some task related to their websites such as link building, web page design, WP installation etc, not only website related products  / services but you can also find various different products and services seriously anything you can think about sells on fiverr , Just think about what  attracts peoples interest then you could be making money on fiverr. You dont need to do anything difficult to make money on fiverr. If someone can sell a video of himself playing a guiter and singing a birthday song with the persons name , hmmm what can be more easier. So if you're an internet newbie and you've been looking for a legit way or website to make money fiverr is definitely for you even in Nigeria.

                             How do I Get Started
 To get started is very easy all you need to do is visit fill in the sign up form, verify your account and start creating gigs. create multiple gigis as much as  possible cos the more gigs  you have the more you more your chance of getting orders and the more you could be making serious you could get your gig ordered in just 5 hours.

                           How to Create a gig
scroll to the header of the page click on create seller
scroll down and click on create new gig
write a descriptive tittle

e.g " i will promote your website or bussiness on my 27k+ facebook fan page"

select a category

 for example i used " i will promote your website or bussiness on my 27k+ facebook fan page" it falls under online marketing so you you select a category based on your description or service your rendering.  another example " i will adveritse your banner on my blog for two weeks for $5" this type will fall under the advertising category. etc

the next thing to do is to create a description of your service

you dont need to write a long story just a brief

the next place to fill is instruction to buyer
the tags
the amount of days to complete

the next  is to add image just find something for me i use my pics but it must be in gif format

 Yeap you're done all you need to do is wait for your gig to be ordered you will receive a message on fiverr notifying you of the order so try and complete the job" make sure its what you can do" within the time you included. Your fiverr account will only be credited after the person that orders your gig notifies fiverr that the job was completed
 note "No Scams On fiverr"

  So you see I just gave you an insight this info is what you pay the gurus 5k for and you just got it On XINISBLOGS for FREE.
                     HOW DO I GET PAID??
Since its of no use working without getting paid , I know especially if you're a newbie this will have been rumbling in your mind . You know everything on fiverr sells  for $5  you keep $4 while fiverr takes $1 (that's fair) this is if the service was rendered correctly you get paid into your Paypal account within 3 working days .

   You've just been handed the complete guide to making money on fiverr.
need a paypal account? Contact me

more to come! to the future!!

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  1. wow thanks bro 4 the insight I nearly paid 10k for this, but I got it for free on your site tanks man

  2. this is awesome damn does guru asking us to pay before we can work with fiverr

  3. Yes, I agree You have Done Fine Job by Teaching step by Step Guide to Create a Gig. Now Problem is one have to work to complete the Gig. What If Can provide with a Solution?
    Fiverr Outsourcing Services Buy at 1$ and sell it at Fiverr for 5$ and Earns Straight 3$ Profit without ANY WORK.

  4. Save yourself the time and trouble and go sell over on
    SEOClerks... At least there you can set your own prices


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