Monday, 28 January 2013

How To add Blog Roll To Your Blogger Blog  has an enhanced Blog Roll feature that enables you to customize and share your blogroll with those blogs you read , You could also use this as a form of link exchange , If you've got a friend that has an active blog with reasonable traffic you can put his blog on your blog and he or she does the same for you. You could even get people on face book to do a blogroll exchange join our community on Facebook( bloggers lab), You will get all the assistance you need on blogging trust me..
 Adding a blog roll could also make your blog look unique and professional. You can add blogs related to your niche or any niche with my few easy steps.

1) Log into your blogger dash board click on layout.

2) Click on add gadget

3) Click on add blog list image below

4) next thing is to configure your blog roll

5) Insert the blog url you want to add to your blog roll

you have just successfully added a blog to your blog roll.

more to come! to the future!!
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  1. Have seen many bloggers begging to exchange blogrolls never in the past,but have never done that mayb cos i dont see any need for it,so i beg you to please give me one or two advantages of it,mayb that will change my opinion


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