Thursday, 3 January 2013

Top 5 Ways i Made Money Online in 2012

  Well 2012 was a year of memoranda for me, I actually started anything making money online in early 2012. well just like any other person currently or not currently making money online I was almost carried away by all those pie in the sky scam make millions over night programmes. Am not going to bore you with some long story , Yeah I did make money online in 2012 running into some few thousands of dollars.

1) I Made Money On Hyips
           Making money on hyips to some people is tagged impossible and no go area well that's for them BUT I did make cool money with Lr on hyips. Do I say hyips are not scam? "NO" they are, but I was able to ascertain the potential of any hyip I joined. yes I lost money and yes I gained good amount of dollars. I still hyip in 2013 and still make money on hyips with my little known strategies. (Not recommended though!)

2) I Made Money Online Selling Imported Items.
          As I said I started anything online transaction in 2012. well this is one of my cash secrets. I made some few thousands of Naira buying stuffs online to sell. mostly laptops, blackberry, writs watches and androids. It was really cool nice and easy as well its, hard getting people to buy but I sold mainly to friends. Its also a good way to make money.

3) I Made Money Online On Paid surveys
       hmm paid surveys doesn't accept Nigerians but with the use of an i.p changer and virtual address I was able to make some few hundreds of dollars on cash crate . though it wasn't easy sha filling all those forms and all that. I got my account banned when I forgot to change my i.p address. I haven't rejoined but its also a good way to make money online especially if you live in U.S or UK and a way I made money online in 2012.
(Not Recommended except you reside in approved countries)

4) I Made money Online On Information Marketing
         This method is amazing and one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria. but for a while now I haven't been promoting my info products but while I was the gains were coming. I think info marketing was one of my first moneys online way back in may my secret hyip manual were I outlined strategies I use to net hundreds of dollars from hyips because back then I started hyiping with $250 and when it was working fine, I created the ebook that teaches one to maximize profit and minimize loses and I used the earnings from my info manual to increase my hyip investment sold over 30 copies at the rate for like 2k per copy. I also made money doing some one on one tutoring on how to create a blog, how buy stuffs online with your atm card, and how I made money on surveys and all that and it earned me some cool cash back then.

5) I Made Money Online Blogging
             Yeah I did make money online blogging created my first blog in  like june were I wrote my sales letter for my hyip manual and then I found out about pay-per-click affiliate marketing. then I actually really started blogging on October when I created xinisblogs , then with some little know secret in my possession prompted me to start kokonewsblog were I update latest news, sports, celebrity  gossips etc. although currently am not on adsense but will soon apply. I have made some few thousands of naira with addynamo ppc adverts, I have also made money on fiverr with my blog writing reviews and banner ads on  kokonewsblog.

     So those are the main ways I made money online in 2012, I will say its been success all the way but make I talk true it wasn't easy at all more at the beginning and still not , At a point I felt like this online money thing sucks. but with perseverance, hard work sleepless nights, I can confidently say online money is real I have made it , cashed it, spent it and still expecting more.

     Happy new year to you all xinisblog is going another dimension in 2013 this year cos its not a broke ass blogging to make money online. Its an upcoming expert teaching anyone who care to learn how to make money online and some web browsing tips. don't miss our updates ,join our fan page on facebook, be my friend on facebook , follow me on twitter @inifabian93

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  1. wow Fabian hmmm that's nyc

  2. this is cool, this is awesome, well i too will says, i make money year 2012, wish me too can says how i start my online making money, many people thought there is nothing like make money online, nobody want to risk money, wow bro u did excellent job, i wish u happy making money year 2013, this is nice write-up from u, keep it up bro, i love it so much
    thank you

  3. Bro. Nice work. I started my blog late november 2012 and haven't got a dime..

  4. nice!! hard work pays I love all your write up's keep rising bro there is room for you at the top

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