Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How to Change Your Liberty Reserve password

 i found out that not many people know how to change their Liberty Reserve password they are still using the long boring 6&!24567lh password instead of a customized ExaMp!e so i have a few screen shot tutorial below cos xini makes it look easy "well it is"

step 1
 visit ; www.libertyreserve.com
step 2 ; log in with your boring old long password
step 3 : insert your log in pin



                                                                      Step 6:
                                                                     Step 7

few easy and simple steps . i know you dont what to miss our updates
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  1. we are a team of hackers called Wolverhamous, we make a software called Liberty 2013 serves to add money to your lr account. so you no longer hard to find the money. want to know the features Liberty Money Adder 2013 ? vist our blog if you want

  2. wonder the type of programmers that liberty reserve has...i mean they are too security concious....well i would fall to a situation of changing my password with them

  3. Nice infor dude. I still prefer the LR default password because its hard for anyone to guess unlike when you use your own personal password which can be easily hacked by hackers online.
    I love LR because they are security conscious in terms of change of location and ip address.

    When you login in from another location or ip, your account will be temproray locked until you complete some security test to prove ownership before the account can be accesable and this is very Good security measure they have taken to protects their customer account.

  4. thanks for your comments Lr is still the best payment processor for nigerians


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