Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How To Crop Photos On Your Windows 8 P.C

When  I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8  I felt like I just made one of the worst mistakes ever , but any way after some time I was able to get used to using my window 8 and I am beginning to love it well I still have some little problem downloading some software’s cos they were not designed for window 8. One of my major challenges was cropping my pic you know I run tutorials with screen shot it sucked not being able to crop. I guessed most of us might have had some problem cropping photos.
follow my simple tips below.

1)      Click on the windows button on your laptop

2)      Type picture manager and click the app
3)      Select the picture you want to crop
       click on edit
        click on crop

adjust the pic and save

I just highlighted simple steps to crop you pictures on your window 8 p.c


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  1. window 8 is totally different from all windows version av seen, thanks for this help i really need such tutorials....i wonder why window chose to scatter windows 8?


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