Tuesday, 23 April 2013

 globacom just out-rolled a new promo on biiiig 5 were customers get 500% bonus on recharge from N200 and above after migration,
yea 5 times!!!!!

  the Bonus received can be used For Anything you want to do with your sim, you can use the bonus to call any network of your choice,
make international calls, send international and local sms and even free bundle to browse , i know you just said wow!! lolz

>>>>No Targets
>>>>No delays
>>>>Receive bonus Instantly
>>>>Dial *100*7*1#
>>>>Recharge N200 and above and get 5 times value if your recharge

                                           How it works

migrate to biiiig 5 by dialing *100*7*1#
If you recharge N200, you will get: N200 in main account and N800 bonus value. Below is the breakdown of the N800 bonus value:

>> On net airtime = N240
>> Off net airtime = N40
>> IDD airtime = N40

>> On net SMS = 60 sms
>> Off net sms = 20 sms
>> IDD sms = 8 sms

>> Free data = 5MB

if you recharge 500 , you get N500 in the main acct and N2000 bonus value .
>> on net airtime =N600
>> Off net airtime =N200
>> IDD airtime =N200

>> on net sms =160
>> off net sms =50
>> IDD sms =20

>> free data =20MB

and so on with recharge of N1000 upward

= If you recharge without migrating you wont get the bonus on the X2  of your recharge

= to check your airtime bonus dial #124# and press 5

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  1. I love offers like this,but it is completely useless if you cannot use the bonus credit,i recharged 1000 and was give 1000 to xpire by 12 midnioght,but was unable to use a dime out of it,,so i suggest they stop this their deceit

  2. well not bad, just a way of helping and also attracting customers

  3. to some extent i like it but the 24hrs is kinda small anyway


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