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How To Raise Good Students

Why does being a Good Student the most important quality of life? people who learn to think, who read great books, who know some thing about the natural and scientific worlds, who understand the financial historical and political forces that affect their personal life's, who can do enough math's to deal with loans and taxes those people have richer, happier lives, makes better decision and are more responsible citizens.

   Does that mean a child who doesn't go to higher institution can't lead a fulfilling life? no I don't think so, shoe makers and construction workers can enjoy the world's literature living with universal human themes but they are less likely if they dint become comfortable reading books as children and it would be  less than honest if second reason weren't acknowledged. Most white-collar jobs with decent earning potential demands more than a traditional secondary school education now adays. so what we are talking about here is helping our children develop their intellect to the best of their ability. children need to develop a love for learning and exploring here are some key point we could consider.

Intellectual Exploration begins with physical Exploration

   A baby who is Told "NO" as he tries to explore his world, learns not to question. A toddler who is constantly curtailed from climbing higher(Rather than simply being spotted for safety) wont become an explorer. either physically or mentally the more you say "NO" to a baby the more their inner world will be filled with limitation and the lower their IQ will be.
  select toys appropriate for their age. the best are those that can be used creatively in many ways rather than preset games. the classics are still the best, puzzles. blocks, paints, toy car, super hero toys encourage Free play, it stretches their minds and imaginations to new heights. never stop your children from playing with toys even video games make them smarter. I drove at the age of sixteen because of I played lots of car racing games , I drove so well the first day I had my hand on the steering Damn felt like "this is what I have been doing for years " ii was so damn easy. I wasn't frightened one bit when I saw other cars coming cos I had already stretched my mind. you know as the saying goes "what goes on in the mind goes on in the body" but don't get me twisted to allow them spend all day playing games or with toys at least 2 hours a day will do.

Encourage experimentation

    Children are natural scientist and they learn by doing. they experiment just to see what happens. you know that the egg will break if it drops on the ground but what self-respecting toddler doesn't want to try it for himself  be patient. tolerate a certain amount of mess. back then lol I burnt papers, used razor blades to tear the chairs and all sorts of stuff but now I know the relevance of all that. so give room for a little experimentation after all they are children. don't over react when scolding them for things like this.
      Emotional development and  excitement about learning is more important than academics for young children. In the end your child's ability to do well in school will depend less on when they memorize their ABC and all that its more on their emotional development ability to manage Frustration in order to take new challenges. your child's primary work in toddler hood and preschool years is to develop a healthy emotion life and excited curiosity about the world. During their holiday take them out, to the zoo's, Amusement parks and many fun place's (the one's you can afford) you'd be surprised how much they have learned and their mental awareness increases. If your Child loves been read to, by the time he/ she begins primary school. he'll be a reader halfway through the year. take note of this its really important.

Inspire question rather than overloading them with facts.

  Its true that every interaction with your child is a teachable moment, but think twice about what your teaching for instance , on a nature walk, marvel together at the mysteries of nature, but resist the temptation to label every living thing and reduce your walk to a science lesson. inspire the wonder about the joy and beauty of nature. Help them voice their own questions and theories. Notice the patterns of spider web in a Conner, the changes in the moon, the way birds sings. facts are secondary at best from the magic of life. that magic is what will inspire them to learn more facts.
      set up a place and time for home works to be done , in the same room with you. if your child develop the habit of working at a desk with all his/her books and supplies handy, they will be much more focused and this gives them the structure to master the developmental task of sitting herself down to tackle gruesome task.

Care About The details Of Their  School Work And Progress

        The single most important factor in school success (as long as your child has intelligence within the normal range and no learning disabilities) is whether there is a parent at home who is interested in the child's schoolwork. someone who knows basically what he is working on, every night, for homework. being interested in the report card isn't good enough- Kids need help to stay focused during the game itself, not just punishment when they get the score card.

Help Them Manage Their School Work Not Do It For Them

           it's not true that you don't need to be involved in homework: you do. But the parent job is to provide structure , not answers. you're not the teacher , so you aren't evaluating the work. but you are helping her manage getting it done. your goal is to help the child to internalize good study habits. How should he go about Learning spelling words ? how should she write a rough draft and revise it?.
 in primary one , your role might be to actually help him figure out the answers  to his maths problem.by primary four you may find that all you need to do is quiz him on his times tables before the test. The more interest show, the better but dont get into power struggles , you won't win. stay in touch with the teachers and let her be heavy as necessary

 Help Your Children Learn How To Look Things Up Themselves 
     Today the internet is a gold mine of information like the amazing article you just read today almost everything you are looking for has already been talked about online. Google search is an amazing tool anyone could use to get any info they want , what you could do is teach them how to this and how to get any info they want , you will be amazed at their progress and they will definitely be ahead of their peers. note; they also need to know some websites they are not suppose to visit and some site that are not reliable source of facts.

    congrats for going through article you could groom your child to become a champion
more to come! the future has arrived

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