Monday, 8 April 2013

Probably you’re new to some online money making terms and abbreviation, when I started doing online biz in 2012 I heard a lot stuff , watched a lot of videos on making money online , read a lot of blogs and eBooks , well back then it was kind of confusing when those oga’s at the top (internet marketers) use those terms assuming you already know what they are talking about . it took me quite some time to really understand what they meant with those stuffs like Cpm ,PTC and all that well I did a little listing below of some online terms used and their full meaning so probably when you come across them it would be a walk over for you and you could use those terms yourself as a pro internet marketer or understand when you see the abbrevation .

CPC – Cost Per click
CPS- Cost per sale
CPM- cost per impression
CPA-cost Per Action
WP- Wordpress
HYIP- High yield investment programs
GPT- Get-paid-to
PTC- Paid-to-Click
LR- Liberty reserve
STP-  Solid pay Trust
USD- US Dollar
FB- Face book
CTR- Click through Rate
MLM- Multi Level Marketing
VPN- virtual private Network

 The list goes on and on well just highlighted a few for you. You could share some more with us
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