Tuesday, 24 September 2013

2013 Nigerian Blogs Award Nomination

   Since 2010 till date Nigerian blogs Awards for the best bloggers in different niches , well this year Xinisblogs is qualified to be nominated .

the previous winners of the overall Nigerian blog of the year award since 2010 are

2010 :    Myne Whitman Writes
2011:     Memoirs of a Woman with Chutzpah
2012:      Linda Ikeji's blog
2013;  ??? who will be the winner

   if you are a fan of any blog , a supporter a friend of a blogger take your time and vote for them
this year there are 26 categories to vote for which are
Best Beauty Blog
Blog about makeup or other beauty products
Best Book, Poetry, or Writing Blog
Blog that focuses on books, poetry, or writing, in particular the blogger’s original works
Best Business or Entrepreneurship Blog
Blog that focuses on building a business or on entrepreneurship
Best Career or Job Blog
Blog that focuses on developing career skills or on finding jobs
Best Collaborative or Group Blog
Blog on any topic, written by two or more people
Best-Designed Blog
Blog that is visually appealing. Although the design can be based on a template, it must be modified from the original template
Best Educational or Instructional Blog
Blog that focuses on the education industry, or on instructing its readers through tutorials
Best Entertainment Blog
Blog about the entertainment industry, including celebrities and gossip
Best Faith-based Blog
Blog with a focus on religious beliefs or themes
Best Fashion or Personal Style Blog
Blog about fashion, fashion design, or personal style
Best Fitness or Health Blog
Blog that focuses on healthy living, exercise, or wellness
Best Food Blog
Blog with a focus on food, cooking, catering, or similar

Best Humour Blog
Blog that is amusing or lighthearted in nature
Best Movie Blog
Blog about Nollywood or other movie industry, or movies more generally
Best Music Blog
Blog that focuses on music or the music industry
Best New Blog
Blog established in August 2012 or more recently
Best News Blog
Blog with a focus on Nigerian news or current events
Best Parenting or Family Blog
Blog with a strong focus on parenting, family life, or the journey to become a parent
Best Personal Blog
Blog that focuses on the author’s experiences, or shares the author’s opinion on a variety of topics
Best Photography Blog
Blog that focuses on photography and includes the blogger’s original photographs
Best Political Blog
Blog with a strong focus on Nigerian politics
Best Relationship Blog
Blog with a focus on romantic relationships
Best Science or Technology Blog
Blog about science or technology, including information technology
Best Sports Blog
Blog that focuses on Nigerians in sports, or on sports in general
Best Student Blog
Blog by an individual currently enrolled in school
Best Topical Blog
Blog with a clear niche that is not represented in any of the other categories
Best Travel or Tourism Blog
Blog about travelling within Nigeria, Africa, or elsewhere in the world
Best Wedding Blog
Blog that covers personal preparations for a wedding, weddings in general, or industries related to weddings such as event planning or coordinating
Nigerian Blog of the Year
Best overall blog by a Nigerian or best blog with a strong focus on any aspect of Nigeria

  so dont just read blogs support us xinisblogs falls into two categories, i need your nomination
For Best Career or Job Blog and
       Best Personal Blog
to nominate goto  http://nigerianblogawards.com/register2013.php

fill in your name and email address nominate your favorite blogs of course xinisblogs for the two categories just by copying and pasting this link http://xinisblogs.com
  have fun voting!!!

  thanks stay viewed to xinisblogs back and better


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