Saturday, 12 November 2016

How To Open A Bitcoin Online Wallet With Blockchain

  Today's Tutorial just as promised is how to create a bitcoin online wallet. There are quite a number of bitcoin online wallets all with its own unique features, A few to mention are Blockchain, Coinbase , Xapo , Circle etc. The two that stands out for me are and Coinbase. any of this wallets you decide to use is fine but our Tutorial today will be how to create a block chain wallet.
   Blockchain is the most popular online wallet. It is easy to use, Safe and Secure with step by step security center that helps you back up your funds and protect you from unauthorized access, cross platform that enable you synchronize with your Ios and Andriod device so you can access your funds anytime anywhere.

Step 1;: goto
                     Click on wallet

Step 2: Click on create free bitcoin wallet

Step 3: Fill in the required information
( NOTE: Make sure you do Not Forget your Password as it cannot be recovered)

Step 4: Goto your email and click on the Verify Email link

congrats you have just created a bitcoin wallet for your self you can immediately start sending and Receiving Bitcoins

Welcome to the Future of Money!

Our next post will be On how to Use your Blockchain Account , i will be highlighting some basic features is you will get to use frequently.

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